Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dances of Gujarat


Garbha DanceA graceful, rather unique dance associated with the raas lila of Krishna and the gopis (female cowherds). This is danced by both men and women, moving in a circle holding and clicking painted sticks with attached bells. These are the famous dandiya sticks and have led to Garbha being referred to as dandiya raas. Formerly associated with the legend of Krishna, Garbha is now a regular feature during the Navratri puja (nine nights in honor and worship of the goddess Durga).



dhvanik said...

hi , guajrat has 40 danc form which are existing even today. please dont give half information to any one. m not critisising you but we can spread good knowledge and contribute to the society. thanks ]
dhvanik shah
student of design,cept uni. ,ahmedabd

baskar said...

dandi natana (ie. dandiya) gabbi (ie.Garbi) and Konangi folk dance are still survived by Tamil Nadu Salem district sourashtra people